This is episode 2 of this podcast series titled “Guitar Impression” by Alan Imberg. The podcast consists of Ambient music that is devotional in intent and recorded live (1 take improvisational performance). This particular episode is titled “Transitions”.

In addition to showcasing the music of Alan Imberg for free, the motivation for doing this podcast is to spotlight various charities in the hopes of inspiring someone to donate money and/or time to the spotlighted charity. For this episode, the spotlighted charity is children's hospitals in general. Children's hosptials are in many communities around the United States and do amazing work in caring for what must be considered the most precious and vulnerable amongst our society.

Please consider donating any amount of money to your local children's hosptial or to the most famous of American children's hospitals, St. Jude (

For more information about Alan Imberg, his CD’s for sale, and the aforementioned charity, please visit 


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