Restraint - September 23, 2018


Unlike most of the past episodes, this one does NOT feature improvised, "semi-live" music. It is a piece titled "Restraint" which was recorded along with a batch of songs intended for commerical release (BTW: look for an October 2018 announcement). After sequencing the pieces, this one felt out of place. So, instead of archiving it for a later date, I figured I'd give it out as a podcast. Other formats may become available down the road. 

As with every episode, I highlight a cause (charity, event, etc) in the hopes of bringing attention to something I feel is worth the attention. This is in lieu of any pitch for my own gain (as I see it, you listening to this podcast is support enough). 

This episodes cause is simple....and directed to my fellow Americans specificially. It is simply a call to VOTE! The upcoming "mid-term" elections are just around the corner. Registration deadlines are coming in early October for most states. I don't care how you vote or who you vote for. But I do encourage everyone to engage in the process. This election is a local one and local politics is where the most impact can be made. Don't let cynicism be an excuse. Educate yourself on candidates, focus on things that matter to you, and cast a vote. Engage in the process. VOTE! Don't take this stuff for granted and don't sit on the "side lines" bitching about whats wrong. Get in the game...

Peace be with you all and thank you for your support. 


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