One Bad Moment

The title "One Bad Moment" is in reference to minor incident in the course of one particular day that provided me with a choice: Either take let this moment ruin my mood, day, and imediate outlook or focus on the things I can be grateful for and be postive IN SPITE of this "one bad moment". This music is my attempt my struggle to choose the postive road...the road clearly less traveled in my journey. 

As with previous episodes, I encourage any listener that is so inclined to direct energy and resources to a positive cause. 

This month's featured charity is the United Church of Christ's One Great Hour of Sharing outreach. Money donated to this outreach goes to help people affected by natural and man-made disasters and hardships around the world. 

As always, thank you very much for your support and encouragement. 

Cheers and May God Bless You. 


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