March 2015: “Jeddah”

Greetings to All:

This latest podcast of Ambient Devotional music is entitled "Jeddah". The music is inspired by a recent trip I took to Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The music isn't necessarily "Arabic" in flavor but is, rather, an audio recollection of images of the environment and experience. I will expound on the experience in greater detail when I publish my latest blog entry. Please check my website ( for updates. 
As with all my podcast, I encourage listeners to donate time or money to a specific charity. For this episode, I'm suggesting multiple veterans support charities. Below is a link to a CNBC page that has a top 10 list of charities help U.S. veterans. I'm a strong believer in the importance of supporting veterans of armed service, especially in this era of men/women returning from combat and having physical and mental needs that are not being served by the very persons that called them into duty (i.e. the U.S. Government with representatives all too quick to yell jingoism about supporting the troops but deny funding for actually supporting them when the fighting stops). As such, its left for charities to fill the huge gap in support services. 
For more detail, please visit this site ( 
Cheers and blessings, 
Alan Imberg

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