April 4, 2020 “The Self Quarantine Chronicles” Part 2


This is the 1st of back-to-back same day episodes. Again, no intro. Just more improvisational music to reflect the moment as I perceive it through music.

Its a strange time. A scary time. The fact that it is global moment is simultaneously terrifying and humbling. We are clearly in an economic free fall that will take years to recovery from. But, more importantly, people are suffering. 

But I am hopeful. History has shown that through hard times comes tremendous growth and examples of behavior that inspires and teaches. Acts of hope, bravery, love, and kindness. Yes, there is also acts of fear, anger, hysteria, etc. But that just serves as a contrast to examples that will inspire all. I choose to look for the inspiration and encourage everyone to do the same.

Love will rule the day. It always has. It always will. 

I wish you every good. Peace. 


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