11 June 2018 Episode: For Lisa

Recently, my sister, Lisa Lusk, passed away unexpectedly while sleeping. Two days before she passed, she tried calling me. I was tired and reluctant to take the phone call so...I didn't.  48 hours later, she was dead. That moment will haunt me for the rest of my life.... I loved my sister but I don't think she heard that enough from me.....there was so much I wanted to say to her that I was planning on getting around to...some things loving...some things brutally honest....now I won't have that chance....

Words of advice: Leaving nothing to chance...take the phone call...make the phone call...leave nothing unsaid...tomorrow is but a hope, not a promise....

This episode is a musical attempt to process the reality that my sister is no longer a part of this world. 

Charitable suggesion for this episode: Please consider donating to a charity that focuses on fostering and protecting sea wildlife. My sister had a lifelong passion for sea life. Please do so in honor of Lisa. 



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