January 04, 2020 Episode

• January 4th, 2020

Here's another episode of Ambient/Devotional/Improvised guitar music. This month's featured cause that I encourage you to consider supporting, in lieu of any financial support for this podcast, is (in general) hospice services in your area and/or "Bluegrass Navigators" (specifically) for the Northern KY area (these are the folks who took care of my dad in his final days...wonderful people). 



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October 28, 2019 Episode

• October 27th, 2019

Greetings from Kentucky,

After a long gap due to having to attending to my father, my podcast is back. This episode is untitled and is most definitely NOT live as it was started in July and completed in October. 

As always, in lieu of any solicitation for donation, I encourage all to focus on a charitable cause. This episode's suggestion is Hospice Care in general and Bluegrass Navigators in particular. These people are awesome and do such good and important work. I will forever be grateful for the work they did for my father, my family, and me. They are angels doing vital work. Please support them (suggested link below). 

Thank you. I wish you every good. 




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February 2019 Episode (no name)

• February 4th, 2019

This episode consist of experimentation as I "test drive" some new pedals. 

For the usual charitable suggestion, instead of a charity per se, I have an idea that my church (St. John UCC Bellevue, Kentucky) does: Blessing Bag. These are large zip lock bags with non-perishable food items, water, toiletries, gloves, and socks. They are cheap to put together and handy to have on hand. I keep a few in the back seat of my car and hand them out to people in need I encounter on the streets. 

As for a "self-centered" plug: I have a new album out on Bandcamp.com. The title is "For the Light to Break Through". Purchasing information and links to videos, my social media sites, etc is available at my website http://alanimberg.com

Peace be with you all. 

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Restraint - September 23, 2018

• September 23rd, 2018


Unlike most of the past episodes, this one does NOT feature improvised, "semi-live" music. It is a piece titled "Restraint" which was recorded along with a batch of songs intended for commerical release (BTW: look for an October 2018 announcement). After sequencing the pieces, this one felt out of place. So, instead of archiving it for a later date, I figured I'd give it out as a podcast. Other formats may become available down the road. 

As with every episode, I highlight a cause (charity, event, etc) in the hopes of bringing attention to something I feel is worth the attention. This is in lieu of any pitch for my own gain (as I see it, you listening to this podcast is support enough). 

This episodes cause is simple....and directed to my fellow Americans specificially. It is simply a call to VOTE! The upcoming "mid-term" elections are just around the corner. Registration deadlines are coming in early October for most states. I don't care how you vote or who you vote for. But I do encourage everyone to engage in the process. This election is a local one and local politics is where the most impact can be made. Don't let cynicism be an excuse. Educate yourself on candidates, focus on things that matter to you, and cast a vote. Engage in the process. VOTE! Don't take this stuff for granted and don't sit on the "side lines" bitching about whats wrong. Get in the game...

Peace be with you all and thank you for your support. 


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The “Lab Experiment”..or the August 11, 2018 Episode

• August 12th, 2018

This latest episode of my podcast that features my brand of instrumental guitar weirdness is more an experiment as I learn how to navigate new recording toys.

The featured "cause" for this episode is the Southern Poverty Law Center (https://www.splcenter.org/), an organization that stands as a counter to hate, bigotry, and intolerance. On the 1 year anniversary of Charlottesville and the "Unite the Right" demostation and the responding counter demostration that resulted in violence and death, I believe people of good will and open minds must do something to keep the desparate forces of hate in check. Please consider supporting the SPLC or any group that serves to "put a stick in the spokes" of the wheels of negativity. 





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11 June 2018 Episode: For Lisa

• June 10th, 2018

Recently, my sister, Lisa Lusk, passed away unexpectedly while sleeping. Two days before she passed, she tried calling me. I was tired and reluctant to take the phone call so...I didn't.  48 hours later, she was dead. That moment will haunt me for the rest of my life.... I loved my sister but I don't think she heard that enough from me.....there was so much I wanted to say to her that I was planning on getting around to...some things loving...some things brutally honest....now I won't have that chance....

Words of advice: Leaving nothing to chance...take the phone call...make the phone call...leave nothing unsaid...tomorrow is but a hope, not a promise....

This episode is a musical attempt to process the reality that my sister is no longer a part of this world. 

Charitable suggesion for this episode: Please consider donating to a charity that focuses on fostering and protecting sea wildlife. My sister had a lifelong passion for sea life. Please do so in honor of Lisa. 



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November 2017

• November 18th, 2017

This episode was recorded as an immediate response to the tragic events that occured in Texas....the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of senseless violence. No featured charity for this episode. Just needed to vent....

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4 July 2017: Breathe

• July 4th, 2017

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. 


The featured "cause" for this episode is refugees. Please consider offering assistance to any outreach that provides resources and assistance to refugees around the world. Some suggestions:



The Red Cross




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One Bad Moment

• March 14th, 2017

The title "One Bad Moment" is in reference to minor incident in the course of one particular day that provided me with a choice: Either take let this moment ruin my mood, day, and imediate outlook or focus on the things I can be grateful for and be postive IN SPITE of this "one bad moment". This music is my attempt my struggle to choose the postive road...the road clearly less traveled in my journey. 

As with previous episodes, I encourage any listener that is so inclined to direct energy and resources to a positive cause. 

This month's featured charity is the United Church of Christ's One Great Hour of Sharing outreach. Money donated to this outreach goes to help people affected by natural and man-made disasters and hardships around the world. 

As always, thank you very much for your support and encouragement. 

Cheers and May God Bless You. 


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The Void Left Behind

• January 6th, 2017


This latest episode is a one take, live improvisation of loops and drones inspired by a reflection of loved ones no longer present and the void their absence leaves behind. 

This months recommended charity for listeners inclined to support such things is more general that episodes past: Local Homeless Shelters. Please take the time to seek out homeless shelters in you local area and offer them support by way of materials, food, money, and/or time. 


Alan Imberg

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